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Who is the real Michelle?

Reflections on becoming a Life Coach

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“I was born to do this!” was the exclamation after learning that I had become a certified Oola Life Coach. You see, all of my life has aligned with everything I have accomplished to these moments right now. From growing up traveling to church conferences with my grandparents to the college degree in Communications I received to that one e-mail that changed my life – all of those life principles just clicked. 

Since as far back as I could talk, I was gifted with this incredible gift of optimism. It has continued to strengthen as my life unfolds. Do unfortunate, uncomfortable life changes challenge me? Absolutely. The difference is that I can undeniably recognize the good in them, learn the lesson and apply to the growth of my being.

I have completed multiple years of metaphysical studies on my path to being a Practitioner through the Science of Mind coursework. I also have an active yoga practice certified with Yoga Alliance where I’ve served many wonderful souls through mindfulness and meditation over a several year period. I continue to receive ongoing coach training along with personal development work.

Throughout life’s adventures, I encountered my share of pitfalls where I stumbled down and had to get back up again. I believe that these situations have allowed me to experience real life which in turn helps me to really identify with my clients and relate on a first-hand basis. I’ve worked along side of issues ranging from divorce to depression to alcoholism to bankruptcy to body image problems (and everything in between) from individuals as early as pre-school babies all the way to the elderly. I do my best work with other like-minded females. I relate and support women all over the world.

I have been described in the community as enlightened, skillful and playful! I feel that I have incorporated the various levels of practicality with spirituality along with formal training to be the best life coach I can be for you! I can assure you that when I am given this opportunity to serve you, you will come to understand that it IS possible to live your best life!

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