Gigi’s visiting returns

“I found this entry from a little bit ago.
It’s super sweet; I just had to pass along.” ~ Michelle

shining light from behind the clouds

It’s been no coincidence that the first Magnolia bloom of the year was on Easter (the rebirth). And while I’m out there admiring the beauty, here comes Ms. Dragonfly literally staring at me in the face. Not to mention, just one day before, a sweet, little, orange butterfly that I had not seen lately decided to stop back by. She was fluttering all around. She was weaving all in & out of the dogs while I was walking them. She also was swirling all around my face and head. I am CERTAIN that this was Gigi.

I find it interesting in the timing of her visit. The Covid hasn’t really gotten me down but it has created uncertainty. So, it made me feel reassured knowing that my angels in this life are appearing to let me know that things really are gonna be A-OK.

Oh! and I should mention that tonight, the song “Higher Love” (original by Steve Winwood) was featured on a Covid TV special!! This was a special reminder that my dad was close. It’s been a little while since I’ve sensed his presence. Also, for the past few weeks, Phil Collins’ songs keep showing up everywhere when I’m listening to music (my dad loved Phil Collins) … AND just as I was texting my brother, his Spotify playlist he’s listening to dead stops in the middle of the song that was my dad’s fave song. Hmmmmmm

So here we are again . . . the Universe is magical! I love this synchronicity.
Does anyone else relate to this? What have been your experiences with situations like these?

(circa 2020)