Youth Coaching

Life Coaching for Teens

Let’s face it, our youth these days do NOT have it easy. Many times they are described with unflattering words and are seriously misunderstood.

This is a tough time in their development and all they are looking for is to be heard and seen. They want to know that they matter; and that they are not doing this thing called life all alone.

The stark facts are that 31.9% of teens have some type of anxiety disorder. Over 2.5 million youth cope with severe major depression. And with the increase of social media usage (91% of adolescents aged 12-15 use social media), the detrimental effects will continue to negatively impact our youth.

Soul-ga Life Coaching for teens provides them with a set of tools that gives them the ability to make life easier.

By receiving consistent life coaching, your teen can:

  • develop self-awareness
  • learn tools for stress management
  • improve self confidence
  • enhance communication skills
  • expand social & emotional skills
  • foster positive habits
  • practice self-regulation
  • create healthy relationships with friends & family
  • boost motivation & performance
  • embrace optimism

Coaching is completely confidential and provides a safe space for all teens. There is no topic that is off limits. NOW is the season to make a change. It’s time for teens to feel confident and empowered!!

If any of this resonates, please reach out so we can get to know each other and I can learn about your individual needs.
Contact me today for a FREE consultation session. I want to answer any questions you may have and provide you with all of the resources for your teen’s success.

Michelle is the greatest ever!
~ Ana O.

Coach Michelle is amazing! She really helped me feel more confident in myself and my goals!
~ Hannah B.

I recommend Michelle to all of my friends.
~ Mika O.