Weird question to start off with, right? Maybe? Maybe not?

I ask this question because after attending a funeral a couple days ago, this question keeps coming up again & again in my head. Am I leaving a legacy? What will my loved ones say about me after I’m gone? How will I be remembered?

Leaving a legacy is often referred to as what tidbits of wisdom or personality trait that people recall about you after you’ve passed. How will your life be viewed? Did you make a difference in a good way?

This question is to only get you thinking about how you can contribute to society in a positive way or how better you can serve. It’s not to provoke any type of thought of trying to please others or change the “haters”. It’s about taking a look in the mirror and evaluating what you feel inside. Are you helpful to others? Are you a giver?

I challenge each one of you (along with myself) to start right now in becoming a better person. Even if you already consider yourself a saint, take one extra step forward and reach a little more. And while we’re at it, let’s tell those loved ones around us what we appreciate about them NOW & the kind of legacy they leave. Why wait until they are gone?

So, again I ask, “Are you leaving a legacy?” and What kind of legacy are you leaving?


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