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So, by now you have started to realize that I am a HUGE fan of essential oils! I mean let’s face it … I have a written entry about being an EO addict. I have a video that I’ve done about oils and between all of my social media platforms, I have a dozen essential oil posts. I pretty much don’t have to ‘sell’ anyone on how great essential oils really are.

But, what I do want to share with you is a specific essential oil company that I just recently found that is definitely worth mentioning. Why are they (Revive) worth mentioning? Well:
#1: They have a large selection to choose from; from single oils to the oil blends
#2: They offer free shipping; doesn’t matter whether it’s 1 oil or 20
#3: They bottle their oils right here in the United States
#4: They offer the high quality, therapeutic grade oils comparable to the MLM companies (i.e. Young Living & doTerra) at half the cost

I found Revive by their Purify oil blend. I used to use YL’s Purity but now that I’ve found Revive‘s to be just as good but WAY less, I no longer use YL. The quality is the same. It has the same benefits. So, why would I choose to pay more?

There are so many ways to use essential oils. I started off using them because I liked the smell. Then I researched them and found myself using them more frequently. I, now, incorporate them in my everyday life with my family (kids & dogs) and use them in my yoga practice. I am a yoga instructor and enjoy sharing them with my students. They help with sickness and health conditions. They put a wonderful aroma in the room. They aid in many different ways when ingested. These examples are just a fraction of all the benefits. An overall win/win.

Do yourself & your bank account a favor and purchase Revive oils starting from this point forward! You won’t be disappointed! Revive can be found online @  https://www.revive-eo.com/.

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