Teen Coaching

Valentine’s Day ideas for teens

It seems to be true that most teenagers (other than the ones who have partners) are just not feelin’ the whole L-O-V-E, Valentine’s Day thing? 🚫 I’m not even sure if they really grasp what romance is. 💔

However, this is still a time for everyone to think about the people they care about. If nothing else, at least time spent with others will build friendships and increase an awareness of not being alone by feeling a connection.

Personally, I think that this is the perfect opportunity for a group of friends to chill and:
(1) create a sundae bar (think whipped cream, sprinkles, hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, marshmallows …) 🍨
(2) make chocolate chip cookies 🍪
(3) chow down on some snacks (think Takis, Utz cheese balls, Flamin’ hot cheetos, Pocky, Gushers, Boba)🍡
(4) watch a movie 🎦 or
(5) play a good ole board game♟.
Of course there are tons of other options but for this occasion, do something different!

Got more ideas? Is this something that you’ve participated in in the past? How did it go? I wanna hear all about it!
Please feel free to leave a comment.

Oh! And in case nobody’s told ya yet, “Happy Heart Day 🤪”

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