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When the Universe speaks …

Have you ever been plugging along in life, playing by the rules, thinking that you have it all … when … a voice, so strong, speaks so loud that it’s all you can hear? It stops you dead in your tracks. It gives you instant chills from head to toe.

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This voice. What is it saying? I mean I can hear what it is saying … but WHY is it saying this and why is it saying it right now?
“I’m fine. My life is good. I’m settled.
What do you mean you want me to change my situation?
I’m stable. All is well.”

So, if you relate to what I’m describing then chances are that you’ve been spoken to from a higher source. Whether you call it the Universe or God or the One, it all boils down to the same reference.

When we receive messages like this, we get to actively choose if we wanna accept it or not. We get to pick if we’re on board or not. Should we choose that we aren’t gonna listen to the message, that voice doesn’t just go away. It will come back in a different time or in a different way.

However should you choose to listen & act on the message, BUCKLE UP!! Get ready for something amazing. God never gives us anything that we aren’t capable of handling. This plan for you is truly to bless you.

So if you’re wondering why I am even writing about this, I’ll tell ya.
I heard THAT voice two days ago and my life will never be the same. I could not stop thinking about the voice for hours after hearing it. I seriously questioned if it was for me to really act on.

Maybe it was just a passing thought in my head?
NOPE. Now it’s time to shine!

~ Michelle