Feeling not enough

Ever have one of those moments where you:
* got off a group Zoom call or
* saw someone’s social media post or
* overheard business colleagues talking about their progress,
and you felt like you just wanted to sink into your skin?

You instantly started trying to size up to them or the opportunity and weren’t quite there.
* You didn’t have as many sales as they did.
* You weren’t having that great day where everything was going your way.
* You haven’t met your client goals for the month like she did.

It is not healthy for our mindset. Our life is about us and our own individual path.

  • We were designed by God for greatness & a purpose.
  • There is no other person in the world like us.
  • Never compare yourself to others; be better than your yesterday self.
  • We were made in the image of God.
  • The Universe is created in light & love and you are that light; and so am I; and so.it.is!!!

In this experience that we call life, there are always gonna be someone ahead of us and someone behind us, our perfect place is right where we are.

We are fully equipped to handle all of Life’s greatness. Remaining in gratitude, we are reminded that we are whole, perfect & complete just as we are …. and WE ARE ENOUGH!!!