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Declutter Your Finances


How do our financial lives get so messy?

From magazine subscriptions to streaming services to regular payments for who-knows-what, some stuff just builds up and lingers on our monthly credit card statement until even our “minimum payment” is overwhelming.

It’s time to declutter our finances.

Here’s how: grab the last 12 months of credit card statements to get a look at your monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions.

• Cancel any you’re not using.

• Downgrade to a cheaper plan if you actually need less (Be careful: changes to health insurance plans often trigger negative consequences.)

• Ask if there are newer payment plans that charge less, but deliver more (you’d be surprised).

• Return leased equipment (like that extra cable box) and other items you’re not using, but are being charged for.

Be relentless. Make your credit card statement a clutter-free zone. Lower your stress level by taking control of your monthly expenses. I’m up for that kind of balanced financial life . . . how about you?

In fact, finding balance in an unbalanced world is what the Oola lifestyle taught me, and it’s what I help others do as an Oola Life Coach.

It’s easy to calm your finances. All it takes is a system and an accountability partner. That’s where I can help.

To talk about what you’d like to accomplish (and could use a little coaching with as you’re going through it), schedule a time with me below and we can jump on a call.

Looking for more? . . . in next week’s Facebook post, we’ll take a look at ways to free up extra cash to pay down debt. Don’t miss it.