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Oola Gear Attackkkkkk

It’s summer, summer, summertime (sang in my best pop music voice) and everyone can use some new attire. What better brand than the Oola brand?! And the new designs are *hot off the press* (or something like that).

The new gear ranges from hats to tank tops to shirts and more for both male & female. Not sure what size you are? Feel free to comment or send me a message and I’ll be happy to try & help the best I can. I also included pictures (see above) from the “modeling” photo shoot that took place @ our house the other night when all the gear first arrived.

I do have to say that everything is made with good quality fabric and feels great to the skin. To check out the new Oola stuff, simply click H-E-R-E & the link will take you to the Oola website where you can directly purchase the items.

After you make your purchase and the items arrive, you gotta snap some pics & send them my way . . . who knows? You may just become internet famous or appear on Soul-ga’s Facebook or Instagram page?

I think my fave is the black tank top and the dark gray hat.
Which ones look the best to you?