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“Behind the scenes” of becoming an Oola Life Coach

My thoughts several weeks back —-> Today, I did it! I officially signed up to become a certified Oola coach. From the moment that I first received the email (about a week ago), I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I figured that if all the spaces filled up before I actually completed registration, then it wasn’t the right option for me @ the time.

Well the last day finally arrived so I knew it was time to make my decision. I had this inner knowing that this WAS perfect. So I made sure to thoroughly read thru all the fine print details including the entire FAQ section.

I asked myself,

“What made me capable of being an Oola Life Coach” “How was I qualified for this opportunity” “Why was this the right career path”?

Well here is my list of “Why’s” –

As I reflect back on my life, I remembered all of the different jobs I thought of choosing. I wanted to be a teacher; a psychologist; a minister; a doula. What do all these things have in common? They help people.

I have a degree in Communications. I’ve been a HelpDesk Support leader. I’ve been a manger of a yoga studio w/staff that reported to me. I’ve studied numerous amounts of Science of Mind coursework. I am a certified Yoga Instructor. I am a caring, kind, empathetic listener. I am able to see both sides in conflict. I am well liked. People come to me for advice. I encourage & support. I do a really good job @ no judgments. I was a NICU Infant Cuddler. I’ve been a trainer in the restaurant field. I am soft, warm & approachable. I am creative. I believe in the power of metaphysics. I am optimistic. I embody positive energy. I’ve had my share of life’s challenges which led me to work with a counselor over a span of 10 yrs to grow & learn personally. I am a strong meditation leader. I’ve traveled to lots of places and met lots of people.

Basically, my whole life has lead me up to here. This is it…. even the price was perfect!

I CAN Do This!! The support is my lifeline. The Marketing/promo items are just perfect. The structure/blue print is result driven & logical for financial success. I am destined for this to work!! All those requests I prayed for, here are my answers = my financial abundance, my workplace flexibility, the non-monotony … it.just.keeps.getting.better!
If there’s anything that I hope someone can take away from my words, it’s that you are the creator of your life experiences and all of us have opportunities to serve our personal growth. Mine may not look like yours that may not look like hers/his. Trust though that there is a force inside us all that operates for our highest & best good always! Oola On!!

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