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Ruby’s Aunt Chantel

Have you ever had a situation where everything perfectly fell into place & it couldn’t have worked out any better?

Sometimes, people call that coincidence … I refer to it as divine alignment. What do I mean? I mean that when things work themselves in such a way that it couldn’t even be planned better, I believe that to be the Universe creating the situation for us.

These types of alignments happen all the time for me but there’s one most recently that I wanted to share. By bringing awareness to this, maybe it can open up someone else to have the same thing. If there’s at least one person that I can help to see the world a little differently, then I have succeeded. Our world is a kind place with compassionate, loving people. “Miracles” happen every day to every one. There isn’t a ‘special’ list that you have to be on to receive good. The key is to recognizing these miracles (no matter how small) & continuing to give thanks.

So, let me tell you about “Chantel”. She’s my girl! And she’s the latest addition to our family. See, I used to have “Ruby”, Chantel’s niece, a couple years ago whom I adored and was very saddened when I had to give her back. It was a humbling experience filled with lots of opportunity to rise up to my full potential. About 3.5 years ago, I attended an automotive show held in the local convention center & saw the unveiling of the brand-new Jeep Renegade. At the time, I had a Patriot (my Ruby) so I paid attention to this cute new model but didn’t give it much consideration because I wasn’t at a place that I needed to take on any new financial obligations. I believe at that show that I planted the seed to grow.

So, cut to the present time … well about 6-8 months ago & I was entering the new car buying process. I explored many options based on personal needs & recommendations from friends/co-workers/family; and guess what? That Renegade was now in the running! I was very picky though with the options that I wanted because I was looking to keep this car for quite awhile & wanted specific features. I wasn’t looking to be extravagant but did want to keep quality standards.

So, I visit the various car lots and test drive a few models .. not really finding what I want. I explore more possibilities by Auto Trader and looking in other states etc. Finally I decided that I wasn’t gonna settle and my perfect car would make itself known when the time was right. I pretty much had other things to put my energies toward … like remodeling our house, packing up our stuff from where we were living, moving into our new house and unpacking & putting away the stuff that we had just relocated.

One morning, it was brought to my attention that a certain Renegade had just arrived on the lot at a nearby dealership. BUT, but, but … it had a few things that I wan’t previously considering. It was pre-owned! and It was black in color! Both of these things I swore I didn’t want. None the less, I was persuaded to at least just go check it out. So later that night, after work the kids & I drove there and took a look. WOWzers! That car was e.x.a.c.t.l.y. what I had been looking for. The black color looked so incredible with the bronze color package it had being a 75th Anniversary edition. And the pre-owned part, it had 3K miles on it … yes, you read that right, ONLY 3K miles on it. So, it was like it was brand new but I didn’t have to pay the 2018 sticker price & have it instantly depreciate. It had 1 previous owner and a super clean Car Fax report. No recalls. No damage. No issues. AND the best part is that the asking price came in lower than what Kelley Blue Book listed as a ‘Fair Market Value’ price. It was an all around win-win for all. So, now we have added this beauty to our family and everyone loves her!! We named her Chantel.chantel

To bring this back to the original point of why I started this entry in the first place, Divine alignment – it all worked out perfect because I stepped out of the way and allowed the Universe to make it happen. Even with all my planning and figuring things out etc, I myself couldn’t work it like that. It took me outlining what I wanted, planting the seed & trusting the process to demonstrate it. So, I did play an active part in the process. I just didn’t have to control it at all.

So, maybe when you feel like that thing that you want isn’t happening quite yet or how you think it should, maybe step back and recognize a bigger picture and you just might be surprised how wonderful it really can be. Thank you Universe!


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