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Halo … say what … therapy … what?

Simply put: Salt. Room.

⇒ Have you heard of a salt room but didn’t quite know what it was?
⇒ Heard of salt room therapy and wondered how it worked?
⇒ Wondering what the heck halotherapy is?

So, I’ve heard lots of talk lately about salt rooms being the newest trend. It sounded really interesting to me so when I had the opportunity to check it out, I did. I figured that you may have the same types of questions that I had or maybe just wanted to know what it was like so I decided to give you my first-timer’s experience recap.

The salt room that I attended was located @ HLC Wellness Center (or also called HLC Lake Mary Spa) in Lake Mary. Very nice place. They are extremely courteous and helpful with all concerns/questions/worries. I highly recommend them if you too want to try out the salt room and aren’t sure where to go.

OK, so before you go into the actual room, you get organized in the waiting area by putting your belongings in a locked cubby and deciding which clothes/shoes that you wanna leave on or take off. I wore shorts & a tank but opted to go with no shoes so I could dig my toes into the little salt rocks on the ground. *OH! Also, you don’t want to bring in any electronic device because the salt mist could deteriorate it and leave it not working.

So, I got inside the room and picked out which chair that I wanted to sit in. It was one of those really comfy beach chairs that lays all the way back.  I closed my eyes, listened to the background music playing and “let go”! It was almost as if the, medical grade, salt mist that was blown into the room by a halo generator had “sleeping dust” (just like in the old fairy tale stories). 2 words = Absolute.Relaxation.

I could breathe better. I could smell better. I would describe it as a salt powder/dust that fell gently over my whole body. If a person had any skin conditions, they would definitely benefit. I felt it spreading through my nasal passages and filling my lungs so it allowed me to breathe it all in from head to toe. No more stuffiness. As I took my big “yoga style” deep breaths, I could feel it coat my inner organs. What a healthy way to detox naturally. I started to rake my toes through the Himalayan salt pebbles; and then made trails through it with my fingers. Both of these felt so good! It reminds me of when I go to the beach and dig my toes into the sand & let my fingers sift through the sand. It was simple but therapeutic. By the time, my 45-minute session was up, I was ready to greet the world! I felt relaxed but not lethargic; and I felt it was the ‘just what I needed’ break.

One helpful hint is to drink plenty of water after so you flush all of the toxins from your circulatory system to remove them. Plus, I felt kinda thirsty anyway. I can say that I am truly glad that I finally did this! Now, to schedule my next appointment …. I hear that I can go back EVERY day! : )

dry salt

Here are a few questions I had that you may have to:
Q1: Are you clothes dirty when you leave? A: There is a light dust of white powder that can easily be brushed off.
Q2: What should I wear? A: Wear something comfortable that can expose some of you skin (i.e. arms, legs)
Q3: Do I wear shoes while in there? A: You can wear shoes but you will need to put booties over them. (they supply the booties)
Q4: How long are you in there? A: The session is a 45-minute time frame.
Q5: What can you bring in the room with you? A: They recommend just yourself if you want to relax. However, you can bring a book if you wanna read or journal/notepad if you wanna get some writing done. Electronics are NOT recommended because the salt can erode causing corrosion on electronic devices.
Q6: Are food & drinks allowed? A: No food or drinks in the room
Q7: What is the science behind why salt room therapy is good for you? A: The type of medical grade salt that is blown into the room creates negative ions that balances out. The salt particles that are inhaled penetrate deep into the lungs, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli creating an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal atmosphere.

Go visit the Lake Mary Salt Room (#: 407.990.1510) today and tell ’em Soul-ga Girl sent ya!

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