Fog: To see or not to see

So when I walked out the door this morning, there was a huge blanket of thick fog covering everything. I literally couldn’t see 6 inches in front of me. As I moved farther & farther toward where I remember my car being parked, the visibility was not becoming any clearer. I still couldn’t see my car. Thankfully I knew that my car was in fact there or I would have definitely had a huge handicap. Then, finally … I could make out a slight image of a shadow of a car! “See, I knew I was right!” Well, duh! Of course it was there; just because I couldn’t see it, didn’t mean that it had mysteriously vanished.

How many of us do this on a daily basis with our hopes & dreams? We imagine this grand prize coming into our life and then when we can’t actually see it yet, we become discouraged and lose faith?

The fog incident above can also apply to our belief system as well. There’s sometimes when our faith is questioned because that thing that we so desperately believed we were getting is no longer in sight. It is then that we can remember that this fog is temporary & that our prize CAN really appear again.

Have a blessed day! Namaste

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