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peach … is it something to eat? or so much more?

If you are asking yourself if I’m losing my mind, then that would be an appropriate response. Yes, a peach is a fuzzy little fruit that you eat … BUT, a recent discovery I just made now puts peach into a whole new category!

What am I talking about?? peach! Peach is a contemporary fashion company with products designed for the gym, work and play; founded on the simple, yet big idea, that a lifestyle brand could help women “elevate their everyday” with a mission to be a force for good for women by helping them to thrive personally and professionally. Now, WOW, how incredible is that?!

How did I hear about them? Great question. I was working at an active living health expo a couple of weeks ago and looked across the room to see THE MOST BEAUTIFUL yoga mat ever designed. And me, loving pretty things and totally in to yoga, I had to go check it out. As I approached the table, something else even more incredible jumped out at me! It was a really pretty shirt with the word “Gratitude” displayed across the chest. At that moment, I knew that I was absolutely supposed to be there right now. Living ‘in the present’ right? I was introduced to Daryl Davenport, the very friendly, sincere peach personal stylist that was handling the booth. We exchanged product information and chatted about the history and the why of the company (peach). She had the coolest stuff sitting out everywhere and I just wanted to buy it all!

Not even one day passed after the event, I was so excited to get my hands on some of those amazing items so Daryl and I got in touch with each other and the rest is history! No, seriously, I received my order a few days after and the anticipation of opening the shipped boxes was like a kid in a candy store or that feeling of opening presents on Christmas morning. The whole experience from placing my order to delivery was flawless. It arrived in a very timely manner and all of the contents were well packaged.

That night, I decided to wear some of my new stuff to dinner with my family. The items I am wearing in this picture are the reversible leggings and black cardigan. I felt like a movie star! The leggings were constructed of a durable fabric and didn’t seem cheaply made like the seams were going to bust or unravel. It provided a good support system that kinda held everything into place. I loved the way they felt on my skin. The cardigan was just lightweight enough that it provided enough warmth in the restaurant but didn’t make me too hot (as I am living in Florida on a typical 90 degree day). The fabric of the cardigan was so soft and silky to my skin. It definitely was not cheaply made. I added a few jewelry items of my own and Boom! I was ‘on fleek‘.

So, the next opportunity to wear those reversible leggings and get to use my most beautiful yoga mat was yoga class night. I am a Yoga instructor so I am always looking for great quality products to be able to share with my students. That night I got more compliments on my mat that I think I have in my entire career of teaching! It was just thick enough that I felt supported and so soft to my hands and knees etc. that it reminded me of laying on sheets … but it was perfectly “adhesive” that my hands or feet did not slip as I was performing my moves. Something that makes this mat very special is that it is created by a woman in South Africa that normally would not be known if peach had not gone in and helped support her cause. The name of the designer is Claire Keet and the design that I picked was labeled Harmony. The name of her line is called Sentiens. This item is probably going to sell out pretty quick and I’m not sure that it will be able to be purchased after that, so you may want to jump on the opportunity pretty quickly. The contact link is here for Daryl Davenport with peach.

Lastly my review of the leggings for actually doing yoga was on point! I never felt like I was falling out or having to readjust or wondering if I looked fat. These are definitely a very well made product and I liked the reversible factor with being able to wear them casually around all the time or on a mission to get my yoga on. The all black side looks very smooth and straight-edged and the design print side is fun and matches with a lot of different colors.

I just want to give thanks again to divine timing for me being at the right place at the right time. Thank you especially to Daryl Davenport, peach personal stylist, and the whole process from first viewing to ordering to experiencing to the customer service follow-up. I highly recommend this company and their wonderful representative. If you have any questions or comments, please respond below.

Have a wonderfully “peachy” day! Namaste

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