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According to the AARP …


So, what does the AARP have to do with anyone who is under 55? (Is that the age that people can begin receiving their benefits?) Whatever the age, I believe that it is a common understanding that the term “AARP” typically relates to the elderly population or for the retired crowd.

Well, the other day, I received a care package in the mail from my dear sweet self-appointed “Grandma Green”. In this package there was a cut out article from the most recent AARP Magazine. I think it was the May/June 2017 issue. This article was titled “The United States of Yoga” and contained some unbelievably helpful information regarding yoga and the incredible benefits for all with an emphasis on the elderly. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this! The more attention that is given to this practice, the more the world can receive its benefits. There were also a few other misc tidbits of descriptions, illustrations and statistics etc that also provided beneficial information.

I could go on for a very long time about the reasons why to practice yoga but I’ll spare you 🙂 The one thing I want to highlight is that yoga is for everyone. EVERYONE! the young & the old, male or female, athletic or not, flexible or stiff. Yoga is a self introspection. Yoga is a way of life.

What do YOU think? Do you practice yoga? What is your favorite style? Where do you do your yoga?

Thank you AARP — Online article link can be found here.

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