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My faves ~

I wanna share some of my faves with you. I am absolutely in love with these products right now.

So, info is as follows:

The body spray has a distinct pleasant smell that seems to stay with me all day even through work.

Anybody who knows me is aware of my addiction to essential oils. Oh.Em.Gee! The lemongrass is one of my faves. I love to have this scent diffusing around me at all times. And I found this super cute local body boutique that I can now get it from = Yay for NuNatural!

I have recently discovered my sincerest appreciation for the moisturizing effects of argan oil for my face. I am a Florida girl that loves the sun but it tends to dry out my skin. The argan oil is silky enough to keep my face hydrated but not too greasy.

And lastly, the blow out mist … 2 words! Maui. Moisture. This product smells unbelievably good & the particular option that I chose has bamboo fibers w/neem oil. All of their products contain pure aloe vera and work wonders for shiny, healthy hair.

Stay tuned for more of my faves as I explore & discover more. Anyone tried any of these or have your own favorites? Please DO tell : )

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